Wisetek Asset Recovery, Reuse, Remarketing, and Recycling

Do you need to recover IT equipment from your employees working from home?

Are you finding it costly and time-consuming redeploying such IT assets?

With global organizations increasingly reliant on remote workforces, IT departments are dedicating valuable time and effort recovering and redeploying their IT assets to and from remote employees. Wisetek has developed a reliable and cost-efficient solution for remote workforces to collect IT assets from home addresses that saves both time and money.

IT Asset Recovery Services

Wisetek works closely with clients to establish a time and location to pick up remote workers’ IT assets. Our collections staff will place the asset into a secure padded box and return it to one of our local facilities in the US. After receiving the asset, we will conduct an asset inventory review followed by a thorough cleaning. You will receive a report including the make, model, and the serial numbers of all items we’ve collected. The assets will be securely stored as we await your request for redeployment.

IT Asset Redeployment Services Process

Hardware Audit – Wisetek will catalog every IT asset’s make, model, asset tag, condition, serial number, and take note of any visible damage or missing components (i.e. cracked screen, missing peripherals).

Test Audit – IT assets are put through a functionality test which analyzes the condition of the hardware, including the hard drive, RAM, battery, screen, and CPU.

Data Erasure – Hard drives and magnetic media are wiped with Blancco wiping software and certificates of data erasure are issued. Any data that cannot be destroyed through wiping (e.g. due to bad sectors) is physically destroyed by means of hard drive shredding, in which case certificates of destruction are issued.

Re-Imaging – Intact IT assets are re-imaged with either a corporate or base Windows image upon customer request. OneDrive, USB thumb drive, or secure upload can be used for image transfer.

Warranty Repairs – Any IT assets still under warranty are managed directly with the device manufacturer. We will notify clients when the device has been repaired and place the asset into secure storage for redeployment.

Out of Warranty Repairs – Any IT assets outside of manufacturer warranty will be assessed for repair costs and refurbished to a Grade B standard for redeployment.

Disposition – IT assets not needed for redeployment or storage can be re-marketed or recycled as required.

Redeployment – Your IT assets will be securely stored and put in a stock-ready position for rapid redeployment. Whether you require individual devices or consignment stock, Wisetek will deliver.


Just Call – We’ll Do The Rest!

IT Asset Recovery Solutions

Outsource your IT asset recovery and redeployment to Wisetek and experience flexibility and cost savings. Our storage facilities can stock a limited quantity of IT assets for future re-imaging and redeployment, when you need them and where you need them. If a remote employee requires hardware replacement, simply select the replacement item from our stock, and we’ll upload the preferred image onto the replacement asset and have it couriered to a home address. The courier will also pick up the redundant IT asset and return it to our facility for auditing and additional services.

A safe, secure and cost-effective solution.

Complete ITAD Services

Wisetek provides clients with a comprehensive suite of IT asset disposition services, including secure data destruction, hard drive destruction, degaussing, asset tracking, reporting, remarketing, and recycling. Choose Wisetek for your ITAD needs in the US and internationally.



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