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Hard drive degaussing is one of many viable methods of destroying hard drives and magnetic media, but it won’t work on every IT asset within your organization. Hard drive destruction is important for security, cost savings, efficiency, and reducing e-waste, but it also forms part of a comprehensive set of ITAD services provided by global leaders such as Wisetek.

Choosing Wisetek for hard drive degaussing and other ITAD services is the best way to keep your company secure and compliant. Our processes are auditable, certified, and maintain strict confidentiality to ensure that your organization meets state regulatory compliance and that your data is securely destroyed.

Why Choose Wisetek
Hard Drive Degaussing?

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    Secure data destruction matters no matter where you do business. That’s why Wisetek proudly serves organizations across the United States from coast to coast for truly nationwide coverage.

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    Full ITAD

    Hard drive degaussing is one of many services provided by Wisetek. Our data destruction capabilities and ITAD solutions are ideal for organizations since they are comprehensive, audited, and certified.

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    Create an Effective CSR Strategy

    Wisetek’s environmental stewardship and commitment to reducing e-waste means that your company can formulate an effective corporate social responsibility strategy involving waste reduction.

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    Your Trust
    is Our Goal

    Sensitive data should never be left to chance. Wisetek’s operational processes are fully audited, transparent, and we can also provide you with video or in-person verification of our data destruction techniques.

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    Be Wholly and
    Effortlessly Compliant

    Over half of all states have data disposal laws, which can be stringent and result in fines or penalties for non-compliance. Keep your organization fully compliant with Wisetek’s ITAD services.

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    Flexible Pricing to Suit Your Business

    Flexible payment and pricing plans are a great benefit to your business since you’ll receive exactly the solutions you require. Every business has its own unique needs when it comes to ITAD, so take advantage of Wisetek’s flexible pricing.

What is Hard Drive Degaussing?

Hard drive degaussing is a process whereby powerful magnets are used to scramble all data stored on magnetic media such as hard disk drive (HDD) technology. Magnetic storage media contain moving parts, one of which is a small disc, the platter, which stores all data on the hard drive. When exposed to strong magnetic forces, all data stored on the platter is rendered completely useless.

Degaussing is amongst the most efficient means of securely destroying sensitive data stored on magnetic media, but it may not work on alternate forms of media such as solid-state drives and many older tape media formats. In these cases, other methods of secure data destruction are required.

Important Information About Hard Drive Degaussing

Quality is Critical

Many commercial-grade hard drive degaussers are unable to reach the intensity of magnetic forces required to guarantee assured destruction of sensitive data on magnetic media. That’s why Wisetek uses only NSA-grade hard drive degaussing equipment to thoroughly destroy all sensitive data on magnetic media.

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Secure Data Destruction

What good is data destruction if you aren’t assured of its destruction? NSA-approved degaussers used by Wisetek completely destroy all sensitive data on magnetic media without leaving any opportunity for thieves to retrieve the data afterwards.

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Time and Cost Savings

There’s no valid reason to degauss magnetic media in-house. It’s time-consuming and expensive, and commercial-grade hard drive degaussers don’t always guarantee assured hard drive destruction. Wisetek’s professional hard drive degausser equipment is able to process large quantities of IT assets quickly and efficiently, thus saving time and money.

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Leave Hard Drive Degaussing to the Experts

Although hard drive degaussers can be purchased for use within organizations, there are a number of problems and risks associated with doing it yourself. Firstly, there’s no guarantee of a secure audit trail. Also, commercial hard drive degausser equipment often fails to achieve sufficient magnetic forces to ensure that all data stored on magnetic devices is completely erased.

Wisetek has been a global leader in ITAD services, including hard drive degaussing, since 2007. Our certifications are internationally-recognized and our processes follow a strict audit trail, resulting in quality service within the United States and worldwide.

Risks of Data Breaches

Hard drives that have been degaussed show no signs of physical damage, which means that inadequate quality hard drive degaussing may leave retrievable data should a thief ever get their hands on the drive later. NSA-approved degaussers are always recommended to prevent the loss of data, potentially resulting in a major data breach.

The average size of a data breach is 25,575 records. Consider that the cost can reach millions in damage, remediation, and the subsequent investigation, totalling $8.19 million or more in the United States.

Data breaches are a serious concern that will likely only grow in the coming years. Eliminate a major source of data breaches with professional degaussing and ITAD services from Wisetek.

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The Growing E-Waste Crisis

Of the 25 recycling countries worldwide, the United States ranked 25th (dead last!). The problem gets even worse considering that many states have no regulations for e-waste disposal at all.

Hard drives that have been degaussed cannot simply be deposited into a landfill. They need to be processed so that all of the precious metals, plastics, or metal casings can be recycled properly.

Wisetek is proud to hold environmental stewardship as a core value, demonstrated by our commitment to a zero-landfill policy. Your old IT assets will not be contributing to the growing e-waste crisis, which is great for your business and helpful for the environment.

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FAQ's About Hard Drive Degaussing

How long does it take to degauss a hard drive?

Depending on the degausser, a hard drive can be degaussed in anywhere from 5 seconds to a full minute. Bigger, more powerful degaussers such as those used by Wisetek can process a large quantity in little time, whereas smaller commercially-sold degaussers often take significantly longer.

Can a wiped hard drive be reused?

Sometimes. Deleting all files on the hard drive does not actually remove them completely, unintuitive as it may sound. Likewise, formatted hard drives may be accessed with specific tools and the data retrieved once again. Software and SaaS applications for wiping hard drives may succeed at destroying all data, but physical destruction or degaussing is a superior method for assured destruction.

Can degaussers erase solid-state drives (SSDs)?

No. Since solid-state media contains no moving parts as with hard disk drives (HDDs), degaussing will not erase data stored on them. SSDs store media via flash memory, meaning that shredding, disintegration, or crushing/punching are better methods of secure data destruction.

Is degaussing secure?

In terms of data destruction, degaussers are not a guaranteed solution unless they meet industry standards or NSA approval as in the case of Wisetek’s degaussers. This is because degaussers must achieve sufficient magnetic intensity to scramble data held on magnetic media. A household refrigerator magnet, for example, simply won’t have any effect nor will lesser-quality degaussers.

How powerful do degaussers need to be to completely destroy data?

It depends on the magnetic force of the hard drive. Generally, degaussers should achieve no less than 2-3 times greater than the magnetic force of the hard drive itself.

How does a degaussing coil work?

Typical hard drives operate with metal components coated in chromium or iron oxide, which store information on the drive. A coil at the head of the hard drive sends electric pulses through the drive, thereby magnetizing the metal. Data is stored by the positioning of the metal coating in binary.

The powerful magnetic force of a degausser coil demagnetizes the data storage altogether and renders it completely unusable and thus all data becomes irretrievable.

Is degaussing the final stage of data destruction?

Hard drives that have been degaussed are essentially useless, so yes, the data is completely destroyed. Nevertheless, the NSA recommends that degaussed hard drives are physically crushed or destroyed for both peace of mind as well as to process the hard drives for recycling purposes.

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