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The importance of keeping sensitive digital data secure has never been greater, which is why IT Asset Disposition is a rapidly growing industry worldwide. Data breaches are a costly affair for businesses both financially and in customer trust and loyalty. Professional ITAD services are an essential service for the safe management and disposal of hard drives and data storage devices.

What is Asset Disposition? When referring to IT assets such as computers and hard drives, asset disposition is the removal/disposal of old, unused, or otherwise redundant equipment. These devices may be refurbished, repaired, destroyed or recycled.

Our clients prefer Wisetek to other IT asset disposition providers because our reach is global and we are fully accredited. Wisetek provides professional ITAD services worldwide with a commitment to data security, regulatory compliance, and sustainability.

Why Choose Wisetek?

  • IT Asset Disposition


    Our pricing plans are designed to match exactly the services you’ll need, not have you paying for those you don’t.

  • IT Asset Disposition providers

    and Secure

    Our fully-certified data destruction processes and audit trails ensure that your sensitive data is destroyed for good.

  • IT Asset Disposition providers

    Maximum ROI

    Our network of global vendors and resellers will provide maximum return on investment for redundant IT assets.

  • IT Asset Disposition


    Our ITAD operations are global, which is ideal for international businesses that need solutions wherever they operate.

Proud to work with the world’s Fortune 100 companies


Why the US Government trusts Wisetek to Securely Destroy IT Assets

Wisetek is proud to have worked with the US Government on a number of highly-classified nuclear power research facilities to satisfy their secure IT asset disposition needs. These facilities use supercomputers which handle large volumes of sensitive data, so they’ve turned to Wisetek for our commitment to thorough and completely secure IT asset disposition using certified processes.

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Complete IT Asset Disposition Solutions

Optimize Asset Removal

Our data center IT asset disposition processes are highly efficient and secure thanks to services such as our AudIT asset tracking and our fully audited operations. We also maximize financial returns on old and redundant IT assets, potentially saving millions.

IT Asset Disposition

Premium On and Offsite Data Destruction

Our fleet of fully-equipped company-owned data destruction vehicles are capable of performing on-site data destruction at your place of business. We are capable of destroying data no matter how it’s stored with degaussers, shredders, and punching/crushing depending on the media type.

Wisetek’s data destruction vehicles can perform the following functions:

  • Magnetic media destruction
  • Hard drive degaussing
  • Two-stage degaussing, bending, shredding services
  • Solid state destruction to 6mm or 2mm

We can also provide off-site data destruction services to our valued clients.

IT Asset Disposition providers

Remarketing Of Your Redundant Assets

Our global network of vendors can help your organization achieve maximum monetary return for old and redundant IT assets. Our inventory tracking and distribution channels with reputable vendors permit us to deliver and dispose of old assets on the IT asset disposition market quickly, efficiently, and globally.

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Certified Equipment Destruction

Our operations are fully certified to assure the destruction of your sensitive data. Certificates and rigid compliance are what make Wisetek stand out, since they provide clients with the peace of mind that their data won’t be compromised.

Certificates: R2 – Responsible Recycling, e-Stewards, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, WEEELABEX HUBZONE, DLA Logistics Information Service, Wisetek Sustainable EARTH – Our own in-house accreditation.

IT Asset Disposition

Data Center Decommissioning

Our data center decommissioning services are designed to address the rapid obsolescence of data centers with effective ITAD solutions backed by experience and operations designed to process large volumes of hard drives or data storage devices securely. In addition to assured destruction, we can also resell or recycle data center IT assets to meet client requirements.

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A Global Solution
for a Digital Age

Our ITAD solutions are ideal for business in the United States, but our focus is truly global in nature to meet the needs of clients working in a global economy. Maintain compliance with international data disposal regulations and achieve consistency and security by choosing Wisetek as your worldwide IT asset disposition company.

IT Asset Disposition company

Your Needs, Our Services:
The Perfect Match

  • IT Asset Disposition

    ROI Maximised

    IT assets depreciate in value quickly and can be of little value on the open market. That’s why we have an extensive re-marketing network that’s global and designed to maximize your return on investment for your redundant IT assets.

  • IT Asset Disposition providers

    Bespoke Price

    Every organization has its own unique needs when it comes to ITAD. That’s why Wisetek provides clients with bespoke pricing plans designed to provide clients with the secure ITAD services they need at prices that are competitive.

  • IT Asset Disposition company

    ITAD Organization

    Developing trusting relationships with our clients is one of our core values. Wisetek employs dedicated staff and account managers that will work closely with your organization to determine your requirements and to develop realistic, achievable solutions according to schedules and budgets that meet your requirements. Our ITAD services are comprehensive.

  • IT Asset Disposition

    Trusted Partner

    Security and trust are amongst the most important considerations when it comes to data center decommissioning and hard drive disposal. Our on-site and off-site data disposal methods assure thorough destruction of all sensitive data and our processes are all backed by full audit trails, video and in-person verification, and certificates of destruction.

Why Work with Wisetek

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Every Client Gets a Solution

Every business has its own challenges and requirements when it comes to IT asset disposition, which is why Wisetek provides flexible service packages to meet the needs of our clients.

IT Asset Disposition company

ITAD is Global

No matter where you operate, Wisetek will provide industry-leading ITAD services. We operate everywhere in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. IT asset disposition is global and so is Wisetek.

IT Asset Disposition

Circular Economy

One of the benefits of having an extensive global operation is our well-developed circular economy model which endeavours to reduce e-waste, tighten global supply chains, and provide clients with real-time inventory tracking of IT assets.

IT Asset Disposition

Experience Matters

The IT asset disposition industry may only be a few decades old, but every year of experience matters in this rapidly-growing and ever-changing industry. Wisetek has been providing quality ITAD solutions for over a decade.

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Efficiency is Key

Streamline your ITAD globally with Wisetek’s efficient operations, which include everything from minimizing e-waste through our environmental policy, maximizing ROI on redundant IT assets, and the thorough and efficient destruction of hard drives.

IT Asset Disposition

Globally Certified

We are proud to be compliant with the following standards: R2, e-Stewards, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, Weelabex, HubZone, DLA Logistics Information Server, and our own Wisetek Sustainable EARTH.

The Importance of Having an IT Asset Disposition Strategy

The modern business world has more access to data and analytics than ever before, but this benefit comes at a cost. The amount of data stored on phones, hard drives, and servers can be problematic if sensitive data is compromised or falls into the wrong hands. IT asset disposition arose to meet the needs of organizations in handling the safe and secure disposal of IT assets, and the industry is showing no signs of slowing down.

IT asset disposition companies provide more than hard drive destruction, however. They provide intangible benefits such as building trust between corporations and customers, who are increasingly wary of sharing sensitive data and the risk of data breaches. ITAD also benefits your business by protecting it against regulatory legislation on data disposal, which itself is ever-changing across many jurisdictions. Lastly, ITAD provides your organization with a sensible and sustainable approach to reducing e-waste.

IT Asset Disposition

IT Asset Disposition Ensures Proper Data Destruction to Protect Your Company

If data is the new oil of the business world of today, then it’s certainly a costly commodity should a data breach occur. Data breaches cost an average of $8.19 million in the United States, but they also carry heavy costs in public image and customer trust. One of the biggest sources of data breaches is the improper handling of old IT assets, which means that ITAD is a necessity for large organizations with large quantities of computers and hard drives.

Furthermore, improper data disposal can exacerbate the growing e-waste crisis and indirectly lead to child labor in developing countries. Proper IT asset disposal eliminates this by finding alternative solutions that are sustainable and sensible.

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IT Asset Disposition and CSR Working in Tandem

Just as how large organizations have corporate social responsibility programs in place, smart organizations are also implementing IT asset disposition strategies and tying the two together. These two agendas work well in tandem due to the potential to share many common, achievable goals.

Many large organizations are increasingly coming under scrutiny for contributing to the e-waste crisis, the disastrous consequences of rare earth mining in the manufacture of computers and other devices, and child labor in developing nations. Sensible ITAD from a reputable IT asset disposition company has the power to effect positive change in all of these regards.

Ethical ITAD practices reduce e-waste, or in the case of Wisetek, eliminate it altogether with our zero-landfill policy. The need for rare earth mining is lessened due to the circular economy model and improved circulation of old and redundant IT assets. The driving factors for child labor in countries like the Philippines are also reduced or eliminated due to minimal waste. All of these factors can make your CSR strategy effective and bear tangible results.

IT Asset Disposition company

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Wisetek’s reputation for trust, global reach, and secure IT asset disposition make us industry leaders in ITAD solutions worldwide. Choose Wisetek for your data destruction, hard drive degaussing, hard drive disposal, and hard drive destruction needs. Our on-site and off-site data destruction services are available across the continental United States and internationally. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.

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