Data Destruction Certificates

Wisetek is a globally-trusted leader in IT asset disposition services with locations across the United States. Our clients place their trust in us because we consistently deliver the highest standard of secure data disposal backed by data destruction certifications from around the world.

We also provide robust certified recycling for old and redundant IT assets so you can rest assured that your old hard drives and storage media aren’t contributing to landfills and the growing e-waste crisis.

What makes Wisetek your ideal choice for secure ITAD services? As an ITAD company operating worldwide, we understand the growing need for security with regards to data disposal. We provide hard drive disposal, hard drive degaussing, and other data destruction services to keep your organization safe and compliant.

Why is Certified Recycling Important?

Improve Data Security

Data security is a growing concern worldwide, so it stands to reason that your organization should never put sensitive data at risk from a breach. Certified recycling eliminates a major source of data breach by thoroughly and certifiably using hard drive disposal processes designed to render data irretrievable.

Data Destruction Certified

Properly Dispose of E-Waste

IT assets, such as hard drives, consist of many rare earth materials that can be reused and recycled, thus lessening their presence in landfills. Furthermore, components that cannot be recycled may be refurbished and resold. Certified recycling benefits the environment as well as your company’s bottom line.

certificate of data destruction

Develop a Compliant Audit Trail

Most large organizations now require audit trails for IT assets, including reporting and certificates of compliance. Since auditing is now commonplace, maintain regulatory compliance and choose an ITAD company that provides transparency. Wisetek provides full audit trails including reporting functions, logistics tracking, certificates of recycling, and certificates of destruction and downstream vendor traceability reports.

data destruction certificate

Maximize Asset Recovery Value

Wisetek’s circular economy model and IT asset tracking functionality will improve your return on investment for old and redundant IT assets. Certified recycling and a zero-waste policy also contribute to lessening e-waste. This in turn leads to greater asset reuse and refurbishment solutions which both benefit the environment as well as improving your accounting balance sheets.

certificate of data destruction

Wisetek’s Fully Certified Services

Nationwide NSA-Grade Hard Drive Degausser Services

Hard drive degaussing is an effective means of magnetically eliminating digital data and software without having to physically destroy the hard drive itself. Our NSA Approved hard drive degaussers are an ideal solution for disposing of large quantities of magnetic media and hard drives in short order.

data destruction certificate

Onsite Hard Drive Shredder Platforms

Wisetek operates a fleet of company-owned mobile shredder platforms ideal for carrying out intensive certified data destruction on-site at your business premises. Our onsite hard drive shredders are complemented by the following capabilities:

  • Destruction of magnetic media
  • Hard drive degaussing
  • Two-stage degaussing, bending, and/or shredding
  • Solid state media destruction to 6mm (2mm upon request)
certificate of data destruction

Solid State Media? No Problem

Solid state hard drives are becoming increasingly popular, which is why we offer specialised solid state disintegration services to essentially render all solid state media to dust. Our disintegration services reduce hard drives to tiny 6mm chunks, but we can also carry out destruction to 2mm size as well upon request.

certificate of data destruction

Global Data Destruction, Local Service

If your business operates globally, your sensitive data should also have global protection. No matter where you operate, Wisetek can ensure that your organization is maintaining compliance with data disposal laws and protecting your data from a breach. We have offices from coast to coast across the nation and internationally, offering you a truly global data destruction certificate service

data destruction certificate

Fully Certified Destruction of Data

When it comes to secure data destruction, certification is an essential requirement for ensuring that your organization is exercising due diligence and care with regards to IT asset disposition. Wisetek carries a full suite of certified recycling and ITAD certifications, which are shown in greater detail below.

certificate of data destruction

Secure Data Destruction Service

Security and peace of mind are important considerations for our clients, which is why Wisetek operates in a fully transparent manner. Our on-site and off-site data destruction services can be viewed in-person or we can provide video verification as well as data destruction certificates.

data destruction certificate

Wisetek’s Data Destruction Certifications

NAID Certification

Our National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) membership demonstrates our adherence and compliance to best practices for data destruction. NAID certification is the most well-known data destruction qualification and validation program in the world.

R2 – Responsible Recycling

Certification with R2 ensures that Wisetek must comply to a high standard with regards to e-waste recycling. We provide high-quality, transparent processes which adhere to social and environmental responsibility.


As a certified member of e-Stewards, Wisetek is committed to responsible reuse and recycling of redundant IT assets. Our US locations maintain compliance to e-Stewards via their environmental management system standard.

ISO 9001

Our official registration with ISO 9001 demonstrates our implementation of a quality management system that satisfies all of the stringent requirements. This translates to excellence in customer service, product, and delivery capabilities.

ISO 14001

This certification demonstrates our compliance to global standards for Environmental Management Systems. The top management of Wisetek have developed a functional framework to manage environmental impacts of all of our processes across our locations.

OHSAS 18001

Wisetek complies with the occupational health and safety management systems outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS). Our international offices and our Hyattsville, MD office comply with OHSAS 18001.


The European Standard for Excellence of WEEE Recycling encompasses quality and adherence to standards for the collection, sorting, storage, transportation, re-use, treatment, and processing of electronics waste equipment.

DLA Logistics Information Service

We are certified for military-grade and NSA-grade data destruction methods within the United States under the DLA Logistics Information Service certification. This permits us to carry out work to the highest standard for the Department of Defense and Federal agencies.

Wisetek Sustainable EARTH

Our in-house data destruction certification Wisetek Sustainable EARTH is a certificate of commitment to high environmental and quality standards. We provide this certificate to all of our valued customers.

Data Destruction Certificates: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of secure data destruction?

Secure data destruction should achieve two complementary goals: sanitize the IT asset and render its data completely irretrievable by any means.

What is a data destruction certificate?

A data destruction certificate is a document that acknowledges the receipt of and details the destruction of sensitive data held on hard drives or storage media. Its level of detail depends largely on the provider of the certificate, but Wisetek provides detailed certificates that meet the highest standards for data destruction.

Are data destruction certificates required?

Data destruction certificates are becoming increasingly commonplace since many regulators and policymakers are requesting greater commitments to due diligence and best practices for data destruction. This makes them essential for any organization maintaining a data destruction policy.

Does a data destruction certificate protect my organization against liability?

Simply holding data destruction certificates shows that your organization exercised some due diligence for protecting sensitive data, but it isn’t sufficient on its own in the event of a data breach where others have been affected.

To improve the robustness of your data policy and ensure your data destruction certificates provide the best assurance of thorough destruction, look to ITAD companies with NAID certification and compliance to other well-known agencies and bodies providing data destruction certification.

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