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We provide Boston ITAD services for many multinational companies, with safety, security and sustainability our top priorities.

The safety of retiring IT assets, deletion and perhaps complete destruction of this IT equipment is of critical importance to companies in Boston and around Massachusetts, especially in the financial and downtown districts, opening them up to lawsuits and fines if not handled correctly!

When it comes to ITAD, we are trusted by our clients because of our worldwide presence and wealth of accreditation.

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    & Security

    Certified internationally & with full audit trails, you can be safe in the knowledge of your data’s destruction.

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    With our global re-marketing network, we can get the most out of your retired IT assets.

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    We know every organization is different, so our pricing is too. Only pay for what you need.

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    Wherever you are in Massachusetts, our ITAD company can work with you and your international offices.


Destroy IT assets on-site and to the highest, military-grade standard

The US Government trusts Wisetek to destroy data gathered on their IT assets in their highly-classified nuclear power research facilities. The US Government has a number of nuclear research facilities throughout the United States which have large numbers of IT assets and ‘super’ computers. On a regular basis, they needed a company to come on-site in order to destroy IT assets and to ensure full data destruction.

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Our Full Suite of ITAD Services in Boston

Data Destruction,
On And Off Site

We want to help organisations destroy their data responsibly, which is why we have the ability to do it on both your premises or ours! Our fleet of ITAD service vehicles are audited regularly to ensure they meet our standards. We also provide complete auditing trails, even giving you transportation logs if required. 

Our services include:

  • Magnetic media destruction
  • Hard drive degaussing
  • Two-stage degaussing, bending, shredding services
  • Solid state destruction to 6mm or 2mm
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Sustainable recycling
and re-marketing

Your IT assets have value, so it only makes sense that you try to obtain the maximum possible return on investment for them. As one of the top ITAD companies worldwide, you can rest assured that our global network of resellers can help you get the most from your retired assets.

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Secure IT destruction

For those times when re-marketing and recycling isn’t an option, we handle secure destruction. Our IT destruction services have full chain of custody trails and can be video-recorded or done in person for full peace of mind. We often speak directly to the NSA as part of our protocol and standards setting. We are also a member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).

We hold international certification to industry and government standards, such as 

  • R2 – Responsible Recycling
  • e-Stewards
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • DLA Logistics Information Service
  • Wisetek Sustainable EARTH
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Boston IT
hardware removal

We provide you with an online portal so that you can track end-to-end, in real-time what is being done with your retired IT equipment and provide you with certification too. We can bring our service to you, whether you are in the start-up central of the Innovation District, down in the Financial district or further afield in Massachusetts.

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Helping companies internationally through the digital age

While our Massachusetts ITAD office is based in Milford, we provide a global service. As your company grows internationally, we will always be there to provide for you. We can use our fleet of mobile shredding vehicles no matter where in the world they’re needed, and always destroyed to the same standard.

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Why Choose Wisetek for ITAD in Boston?

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    Different Clients,
    Different Solutions

    We keep our Boston ITAD services flexible enough to meet your needs. We tailor our solutions to your unique needs, no matter the challenge.

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    Data Security
    Is Global

    As the business world is becoming more globalized, we grow to keep up with it. Not only do we have an office in Milford, M.A, but across the US and global too.

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    We’re a global company, so we’ve created a global circular economy. We help our clients get the best lifetime value on IT equipment.

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    At Wisetek, we have over 10 years’ experience helping our customers with ITAD solutions and hardware ROI, so we know exactly what it takes to help you.

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    We strive for efficiency in all our processes. From transporting your equipment, to destroying it, finding you new hardware and support teams. We constantly seek improvement.

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    Wisetek holds certification from across the world: R2, e-Stewards, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, Weelabex, HubZone, DLA Logistics Information Server. On top of that, we hold our own certification: Wisetek Sustainable EARTH.

The Importance of ITAD Services


With data now becoming so ubiquitous and valuable, people are becoming much more wary of how their data is stored and used. Governments and consumer groups are now taking action to ensure companies use data responsibly. This means it’s in your best interests to make sure you have a secure, fully audited IT Asset Disposal system in place. You must make sure your data is stored securely and it is destroyed responsibly, while also keeping a paper trail of it. If you don’t, you could be vulnerable to class action lawsuits, fines and in the worst cases, imprisonment.

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Adding Data Protection To A Remote World

As work has grown more remote, it can be difficult to properly control IT hardware, its data and usage. In the past you may have only had to take care of the desktops in your Boston office, but you now need to worry about laptops, smartphones you carry and the remote data centres you use. First, you need to carefully pick your data centre or cloud-based solution. Make sure it’s secure and can only be accessed with authorization. Next, you need to make all employees aware of their responsibilities under worldwide data regulations. Finally, wherever possible, separate and sanitise their devices for work use and personal use.

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The types of data breach you need to avoid

While organisations may already have enough to think about, something that’s often overlooked until it’s too late and already happened is a data breach. They are very dangerous to your organisation because they destroy the trust and credibility of your brand as well as opening you up to lawsuits. There is a Confidentiality Breach, when data is given to a third party without the owner’s consent. There is an Integrity Breach, where personal data is accidentally – or without authorization, altered. Finally, there’s an availability breach, where there’s an unauthorized or accidental loss of access or destruction of personal data.

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How we help you with circular economies for ROI

Circular economy is a term from the 1960’s meaning that wherever possible, resources that come into an economy should stay in it for as long as possible. We believe utilizing this for IT hardware is the best way we can help our clients with their ROI. Wherever possible, we’ll inform you if we believe you can use a retired IT asset in another department or office to save money. If we don’t see an opportunity to do so, then we’ll re-market components across the world to our global clients and partners. Finally, any obsolete hardware will be recycled wherever possible with one of our recycling partners.

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