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We provide a seamless global IT, Data Center, Electronic Equipment Recovery Solution to maximize security in data and brand protection, asset management for the purpose of financial accountability, unwavering sustainable solutions for the environment, and a primary focus on reuse and the “circular economy”.

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to many of the most innovative organizations in the world and we are proud to serve our clients right across San Jose, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, San Mateo, San Francisco and beyond. 

Benefits of Wisetek ITAD

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    Flexible Pricing Plans

    Take advantage of our zero invoice and maximum reuse value recovery options.

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    Peace of Mind

    Ensure that your data is securely and reliably destroyed with in-person and video verification.

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    Commitment to Customer Service

    Critical employment of secure enterprise asset management by serial and uncompromising, documented data and brand protection.

  • Itad san fran

    Seamless Global IT

    Wisetek ITAD in San Francisco and the Bay Area also provides you with global reach.


Destroy IT assets on-site and to the highest, military-grade standard

The US Government trusts Wisetek to destroy data gathered on their IT assets in their highly-classified nuclear power research facilities. The US Government has a number of nuclear research facilities throughout the United States which have large numbers of IT assets and ‘super’ computers. On a regular basis, they needed a company to come on-site in order to destroy IT assets and to ensure full data destruction.

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Itad san francisco

All Our San Francisco ITAD Services

Streamlined Asset Removal Processes

Wisetek provides a high quality ITAD service  in San Francisco that follows streamlined processes for efficient IT asset removal and disposal. Choose our IT Asset Disposition solution to maximize efficiencies in physical asset depreciation, software licensing, hardware and software support contracts, protection of a company’s IP, data, and brand.

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Data Destruction On-Site and Off-Site

Off-site data destruction is handled securely on our premises, but we also provide a convenient option for our customers on-site via our company-owned vehicles. Whether you require data destruction services on-site or off-site, Wisetek is there to handle the following tasks:

  • Degaussing of hard drives
  • Shredding of hard drives
  • Solid state drive destruction – 6mm or 2mm
  • Destruction of magnetic media with confirmed size reduction
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We also provide software based data destruction solutions.

Redundant Asset Remarketing

Old, redundant IT assets aren’t worthless. Wisetek can help your business maximize the return on investment for old equipment through a globally trusted network of brokers and resellers. Our TotalRMA is a global returns management service that enables you to fully track and trace IT assets whilst maximizing asset value recovery.

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Circular Economy

Wisetek employs a circular economy model which endeavours to minimize needless e-waste and to efficiently re-market equipment on the world market. Our reverse logistics services allow you to recover and reuse equipment, provide defective and warranty returns, and remarket your equipment globally. In addition to getting better value for IT assets, you’ll also help the environment.

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Certified IT Asset Destruction

Wisetek holds numerous certifications with regards to safe and secure data destruction. Our certifications for data destruction and San Francisco ITAD services are as follows:

  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • R2 – Responsible Recycling
  • e-Stewards
  • DLA Logistics Information Service
  • Wisetek Sustainable EARTH

Wisetek is also a member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).

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International Solutions

If your business operates outside of California and the United States, Wisetek has global solutions for your business thanks to our 18 international offices. Since regulatory compliance depends on the jurisdiction in which you operate, it’s convenient and useful to trust an ITAD company that provides global solutions.

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Why Work With Wistek?

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    Specific Solutions for Specific Needs

    Your business has specific needs when it comes to data destruction and IT asset disposition, so choose Wisetek, an ITAD company in San Francisco that is adaptable and flexible to those needs.

  • Itad san francisco

    Globally Trusted Solutions

    Every state and country has its own regulations concerning data destruction. Wisetek’s service and expertise has a global reach, so you’ll remain compliant no matter where you do business.

  • Itad bay area

    Circular Economy

    By choosing Wisetek, your old IT assets enter our circular economy which maximizes your monetary value return and eliminates needless e-waste.

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    Trust and Experience

    We don’t leave anything to chance, so we’re happy to provide video verification and certificates of data destruction as well as online tracking of inventory to maintain a relationship of trust.

  • Itad san fran

    Zero-Landfill Policy

    E-waste recycling is at the point of a global crisis. Wisetek is committed to a zero-landfill policy ensuring that your redundant IT is not part of the issue.

  • Itad san francisco

    Local Assistance, Global Expertise

    If you’re in the Bay Area but operate out of state or internationally, rest assured that Wisetek can provide quality service in those locations as well. We have 18 offices worldwide.

Why Data Destruction is Important

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Bay Area is home to many of the world’s leading tech companies, startups, and other organisations that are trying to maintain a positive public image with CSR. A little under 30 per cent of organisations are at risk of a data breach within the next two years. These breaches can be incredibly costly. When companies require the services of ITAD in San Francisco, they’re showing that they are following through with commitments to data security and safe, responsible disposal methods.

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Data Security

Secure ITAD services are a requirement in today’s information age. With so many prominent companies having suffered data breaches in the last decade, the cost of having improper IT data disposal can be enormous. A data breach can cost over $3.92 million worldwide (and over $8 million in the USA, making it a costly endeavour indeed). For this reason, secure ITAD services are increasingly becoming a reliable way to maintain data security and data destruction security within an organisation.

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Safe E-Waste Disposal

E-waste is piling up in landfills everywhere, and it’s often toxic and polluting to the soil and air. A certified ITAD company understands how to properly dispose of e-waste in an environmentally-friendly manner. In fact Wisetek is committed to a zero landfill policy. Safe disposal of equipment is of paramount importance for the environment as well as for your organisation.

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