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Wisetek is a global leader in IT asset disposition services with expertise in secure data center decommissioning. These services enable organizations to better strategize the processes involved and to remain secure and compliant every step of the way.

Every large organisation in today’s increasingly digital world collects and stores data on a massive scale, both on end-user devices such as PCs and laptops but also on centralised servers. Data-center lifecycle management requires specialized expertise as well as a robust strategy whenever data sanitization or data disposal is required.


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What’s the Importance of IT Asset Inventory Procedures?

Consistency and Productivity

IT asset inventories ensure that all software and hardware within the organisation are consistently tracked. This helps boost productivity since you know where each IT asset is assigned at any given time.

Data Center Decommissioning Services


Keeping IT assets tidy and organised both physically and on a database or inventory tracking system maximises data security and minimises the risk of assets falling into the wrong hands, thus potentially exposing your organisation to a costly data breach.

Data Center Decommissioning Specialists


Data destruction regulations such as the GDPR mean that organizations must exercise due diligence with regards to data security, which includes where data is held, how it’s collected, and how it is disseminated. IT asset inventories help you locate assets in order to isolate devices in the event of an audit or a data breach.

On-Site Data Center Decommissioning

Save Time and Money

When data centers reach the end of their lifespan, you’ll be thankful that IT assets were recorded and organized since you reduce the chances of procuring unnecessary new assets and of disposing of equipment that’s still in good working condition.

Data Center Decommissioning Services

What is Data Center Decommissioning?

Individual end-user devices such as company mobile phones, laptops, and PC workstations all contain data, much of which is possibly sensitive data that shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Larger organizations use large servers containing a veritable gold mine of data that can lead to massively costly data breaches and loss of reputation, so it’s always prudent to ensure that data center decommissioning is completed with due diligence and according to best practices.

Data center decommissioning is the process of planning, implementing, and disposing of servers and data centers. Since these projects are far more complex and involved than disposing of individual IT assets, they should be planned out thoroughly in advance for the best results.

The Data Centre Decommissioning Process

Step 1: Planning

Before commencing a data center decommissioning project, proper planning is required for the following items:

  • Identify all key stakeholders involved in the project
  • Appoint a project manager
  • Develop a realistic budget
  • Create an estimated timeframe & schedule
  • Outline the scope of works to be completed
  • Create a contact list for all key stakeholders
  • Choose an appropriate time of day and day of week
  • Select an appropriate network discovery tool
Data Center Decommissioning Specialists

Step 2: Data Centre Decommissioning

Once the planning has been completed and reviewed, the data center decommissioning stage can begin. Consider the following processes:

  • Create comprehensive backups on all IT assets and software
  • Run tests and simulations on backups
  • Disconnect all IT assets from the network
  • Create an estimated timeframe & schedule
  • Verify all hardware documentation
Data Center Decommissioning Specialists

Step 3: IT Asset Disposition

After data center decommissioning has been completed, it’s time to consider IT asset disposition:

  • Pack all hardware onto pallets as appropriate
  • Contact accounting and IT departments regarding asset tracking and reporting
  • Identify all downstream vendors and recyclers
  • Coordinate with IT department regarding refurbished assets
  • Obtain all data destruction certificates and ensure regulatory compliance is met
On-Site Data Center Decommissioning

Data Centre Decommissioning Checklist


The first step is to establish the scope of work required, including the goals and expected outcomes of the project. For good measure, produce realistic timelines interspersed with milestones to gauge progress. Also, specify the budget and identify all key stakeholders who will be participating in the project led by a project manager responsible for overseeing the decommissioning from start to finish. Develop risk management strategies and create backup systems.

Data Center Decommissioning Services


It is absolutely essential to account for all IT assets that will be affected by the project. Itemize every piece of equipment as well as software assets that will be involved. Follow up with a thorough scan by network discovery tools and a physical review, then once the list is complete, finalize an itemized asset list sorted by data center owners and operators. Finally, decide with your ITAD company where each asset is destined (destruction, recycling, re-marketing, and so on).

On-Site Data Center Decommissioning


Draft a plan which lists all of the roles, tasks, responsibilities, and activities that need to be performed during the data center decommissioning process. Assign each with a realistic timeframe and adjust for peak working hours, downtime due to servicing, and labor capacity. Assemble a thorough list of vendors needed throughout the project and document tracking numbers for each IT asset that will be decommissioned. ITAD providers can provide professional assistance during this stage.

Data Center Decommissioning Specialists

Resource Requirements

Dedicate all of the necessary tools, labor, and material supplies required to get the job done, such as shredding equipment, degaussers, packing materials, power tools, boxes, skids, forklifts, etc. For safety and efficiency, assign each tool for the appropriate job. Calculate the labor requirements by the number of employees and hourly wages and account for a waste factor. If outsourcing, allow time for researching service providers and procuring background checks. Assign the project manager with the key milestones and workflows.

On-Site Data Center Decommissioning

Data Disposal and Data Sanitisation

Before commencing the data center decommissioning itself, ensure that everyone involved in the project is present for a thorough review of all IT assets and the destination for each. Come to a consensus over the plan and entertain opinions from stakeholders to ensure that the project is realistic and attainable as proposed. Once decommissioning begins, provide interim checkups on performance and processes to ensure that the workflow is sustainable and realistic. ITAD providers can provide full data disposal and data sanitization services as well as logistics and data destruction certificates.

Data Center Decommissioning Services


Once the data center has been decommissioned, a dedicated space may be required for packing up IT assets. Use packing materials appropriate for each listed item and organize the flow of outgoing assets destined for destruction or recycling, complete with appropriate labeling. IT asset management software is ideal for logistics and tracking at this stage. Don’t neglect the space requirements for on-site data center decommissioning and how you will use the vacant space.

Data Center Decommissioning Specialists

Reporting & Recovery

Follow up with a thorough and coordinated approach with IT and accounting team members to ensure that data disposal is recorded and reported on. Contact your ITAD provider if your organization is dealing with refurbished assets to ensure that you have data sanitization certificates and receipts in hand. Obtain data destruction certificates for any and all IT assets that were scheduled for shredding or degaussing. Calculate the total asset recovery value and begin reporting on the performance of the project. Review compliance with data disposal legislation in your jurisdiction. See our data destruction certificate page.

On-Site Data Center Decommissioning

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