Wisetek is committed to the principles of the Circular Economy. In fact, the very core of our business model is based on these principles. Embedded in all our processes is the commitment to reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and avoiding unnecessary waste.

The Circular Economy aims to reject the lifecycle of the Linear Economy, which is based in part on the needless waste of perfectly good components. By adhering to the Circular Economy, we believe that we can still benefit from the ongoing advances and innovation that IT and technology companies offer, but in a sustainable way.

Every redundant IT asset, regardless of its perceived state, has potential re-use value, either fully refurbished for its original purpose or in its parts. These devices can be re-used by the original owner, sold to a secondary user, or indeed donated to charity. When IT assets do reach their End of Life (EOL), we believe that they should be recycled in line with the best environmental standards and nothing should be sent to landfill.

By giving businesses and consumers the ability to use their IT assets in an environmental and sustainable way, the Circular Economy is playing a crucial part in our global transition to net-zero emissions.

This is an aim which Wisetek wholeheartedly supports.