Who Are We

  • 13.7M
    Disk drives erased, certified and destroyed
  • 19.2M
    Parts recorded and processed
  • $1.75B
    Components recovered for reuse

Wisetek is a global leader in IT asset disposition (ITAD), secure data destruction, reuse, and technology manufacturing services worldwide with facilities across the globe in the USA, Ireland, the UK, the Middle East & Africa, and Thailand.

Wisetek offers a wide range of services that include IT Asset Disposition, Data Center services, Data Destruction Services, Hard Drive Shredding & Destruction, Remote IT Services, Remarketing Services and Certified Recycling.

Wisetek operates from four regional offices in the USA with locations in Massachusetts, Texas, California and Virginia.

Wisetek is a company focused on environmental sustainability and committed to the principles of the Circular Economy. Wisetek bases its entire business process on protecting the environment by operating a zero-landfill policy and reducing the amount of electronic waste going into landfills.

Wisetek has a dedicated environmental committee as well as a Corporate Sustainable Initiatives programme in place, with the objective of continually improving the internal environmental policies and processes at its facilities across the globe.

Businesses today are increasingly more aware of the need to enhance their processes regarding the disposition of IT assets, comply with new data protection regulations, adhere to e-waste management best practices and embrace a more circular economy model for sustainable IT re-use. Wisetek is one of the few vendors worldwide that can uniquely offer customers a complete one stop solution to meet all these requirements.

Founded on the principle of lean manufacturing, Wisetek’s culture of flexibility and operational quality, combined with a full lifecycle solution, manufacturing assembly, forward, and reverse logistics, e-waste recycling and IT asset disposition services is what distinguishes us in the market.

Our global network of certified processing facilities delivers worldwide excellence, security, compliance and competitiveness for our customers and reinforces our commitment to offering a global end to end service.


  • Absolute commitment to delivering for our customers.
  • Leaders in global supply chain and fulfilment management services.
  • Over 12 years’ of experience implementing Circular Economy processes for our clients.
  • Wisetek service and delivery allowing our clients easy access to our services and reporting capability.
  • Embraced lean sigma manufacturing methodology.
  • Client brand protection and data management.
  • Unique technical capabilities.
  • Superior level of audited certifications and accreditations worldwide.
  • Sustainability assurances -100% recycle or reuse – 0% landfill.