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  • 13.7M
    Disk drives erased, certified and destroyed
  • 19.2M
    Parts recorded and processed
  • $1.75B
    Components recovered for reuse

The effective cost of a data breach is higher than ever, making certified data destruction services crucial to modern business practices. Wisetek can make the IT Disposal minefield easier to navigate with confidential data destruction on your schedule and at a location that suits you. 

We have Wisetek owned facilities across the continental US, as well as comprehensive onsite data destruction services. Wisetek understands the importance of a trusted process with full transparency.

E-waste recycling is an integral part of our ITAD service. Ensuring that your retired IT assets do not end up harming the environment in a landfill somewhere is an important part of our promise as your data destruction provider.

Why Choose Wisetek?

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    With Wisetek owned facilities across the country and onsite IT data destruction services, Wisetek is local to you, wherever you are.

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    NSA Grade

    We work closely with the NSA, using approved tools to ensure your data is destroyed permanently.

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    Full Certification

    Our comprehensive suite of certifications means you can be sure your data is destroyed completely and ethically.

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    Protect Data & Environment

    Proper disposal of retired IT assets ensures minimal impact on the environment, while protecting your company from expensive breaches in your data security.


Destroy IT assets on-site and to the highest, military-grade standard

The US Government trusts Wisetek to destroy data gathered on their IT assets in their highly-classified nuclear power research facilities. The US Government has a number of nuclear research facilities throughout the United States which have large numbers of IT assets and ‘super’ computers. On a regular basis, they needed a company to come on-site in order to destroy IT assets and to ensure full data destruction.

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Our Full Suite of Data Destruction Services

Nationwide NSA-Grade Hard Drive Degausser Services

Hard drive degaussing has many benefits over other methods for destruction of data. For one thing, it is less costly than methods which involve the full physical destruction of the hard drive. Our degaussing machines are NSA approved, and capable of destroying the data on your magnetic media components, regardless of the operating system or any software-based security.

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Onsite Hard Drive Shredder Platforms

Our mobile shredding vehicles can be sent directly to your location anywhere in the continental US to handle hard drive shredding onsite. You can also request an HD video copy of the destruction with our DATA DEAD system if the process takes place at a Wisetek facility.  Our hard drive shredders can tear any storage medium down to 10mm, with 2mm available on special request. Our services include :

  • Magnetic media destruction 
  • Hard drive degaussing
  • Two-stage degaussing, bending, shredding services
  • Solid state destruction to 6mm or 2mm
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Solid State Media? No Problem

Wisetek offers nationwide solid-state disintegration using NSA approved disintegrators. Solid-state drives offer many benefits over traditional storage media, but they present new problems when it comes to the destruction of data. As one of the leading ITAD companies in the world, we make sure your data shredding needs are met regardless of the media that data is stored on.

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Global Data Destruction, Local Service

As leaders in global data destruction services, Wisetek has the experience and the resources to provide destruction of data and electronic recycling services on any scale with established operating facilities in EMEA and APAC. But with full coverage across the continental United States and a comprehensive set of onsite services, you can think of us as your local ITAD company.

Our mobile hard drive destruction rigs feature;

  • NSA-Approved Mobile Destruction Tools
  • Securely Locked Door
  • Permanent GPS Trackers
  • Self-Powered Systems
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Fully Certified Destruction of Data

Certification is critical to any strategy for destroying data, both as a basis for trust and as a means to ensure no mistakes are made. Wisetek treats their certifications as badges of honour, as well as proof of our credentials. It also ensures both our logistics network and facilities are held to the highest standards possible when handling your equipment and sensitive data.

  • E Stewards Certified
  • R2 Certified
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • ISO 14001 Certified
  • ISO 45001 Certified
  • DLIS Certified – Cage Code 48GP7
  • GSA Contracts #GS25F0019T & #GS10F0134V
  • NAID Member
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Secure Data Destruction Service

We appreciate the need for full transparency when dealing with sensitive data destruction. Some things are too important to leave to chance. When Wisetek undertakes a job—such as data center decommissioning—the full process can be witnessed, either via video recording or in person. For onsite work, our trucks are fitted with a permanent GPS device.

  • Video Evidence of Destruction
  • In-Person Witnessing of Destruction
  • Full Audit Trail
  • GPS-Tracked Trucks
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How Data Destruction Benefits You

A Clear Data Destruction Policy Is Key

Large businesses are complex beasts with many moving parts. Without clearly defined strategies and policies, it can be easy for things to slip through the cracks. A simple, transparent, and above all, effective destruction of data policy implemented across your business will significantly reduce the risk of accidental data breaches as a result of improper hard drive disposal.

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Understanding the Data Destruction Process

Data, such as that found in data center decommissioning projects, is not as easy to dispose of as you might think. Merely formatting a hard drive is not enough to keep the valuable information it once stored out of nefarious hands. Wisetek provides many services that do, however. Whether the job calls for onsite/offsite hard drive shredding or hard drive degaussing, we have the tools to make your sensitive data destruction a top priority.

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Onsite Data Destruction

We understand it is not always practical to transport old IT assets for computer data destruction. With our onsite data destruction services, we will bring the tools to you. If required, the storage media need never leave your sight until the process is complete. Data destruction can also be videotaped if required. For additional security, our mobile data shredding platforms are self-powered and fitted with GPS units. You will never need to worry about your data falling into the wrong hands.

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Why Choose Wisetek?

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    National Coverage

    With headquarters in Virginia, and Wisetek owned hubs across the continental United States, we can offer our range of certified destruction of data services no matter where you are.

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    Full ITAD Solutions

    As a global provider of ITAD solutions, Wisetek is ideally placed to help your business in all aspects of IT asset disposition including hard drive destruction, asset re-marketing and recycling. Make the most of your IT assets life cycle with our help.

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    Create an Effective CSR Strategy

    From returns to retired hardware, Wisetek employs a circular economy model which enables your organization’s IT assets to be efficiently disposed of. Reduce e-waste, obtain maximum value, and help the environment.

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    Your Trust is Our Goal

    While we aim to earn the trust of our clients, we never expect it. That’s why we provide fully transparent services. If you want to carry a hard drive by hand to our truck and watch it get shredded, you can. Video proof is also available. We have placed huge emphasis making our entire end-to-end service airtight when dealing with your equipment.

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    Be Wholly and Effortlessly Compliant

    Wisetek maintains the highest standards required for global ITAD certifications so that you don’t have to. Whatever method is necessary for end-of-life computer hardware, we will see to it that you are fully compliant with all relevant local regulations.

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    Flexible Pricing to Suit Your Business

    In the ever-changing landscape of IT asset disposition, it’s essential to remain flexible and relevant. At Wisetek, we understand that no two businesses are alike, so we offer flexible pricing to suit your business.

The Importance of Data Destruction

Prevention is Better than Reaction

More of our data is stored remotely than at any point in our history. Confidential records, sensitive personal information—all data that malicious third parties would love to get their hands on. Data breaches are not just costly in the financial sense; they can cause irreparable damage to your reputation and prevent customers from trusting your business. With the secure destruction of data, there is no data to breach!

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It's All About the Data

Data is valuable. That is why sites like Google and Facebook can provide their services for “free”. So it should come as no surprise that there are unsavoury parties who would like to get their hands on that data. Meanwhile, redundancy is an unavoidable reality of data center management—information is often duplicated and stored in multiple locations. Doing so provides crucial backup in the event of data loss, but also convenience in allowing faster access from a data center that is geographically closer. While these are important benefits, they present something of a moving target when it comes to ensuring the proper destruction of sensitive data from old IT hardware.

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Regulatory Compliance is Mandatory

Knowing how to dispose of hard drives is only half of the battle. Many states have their own data disposal regulations (as do several regions outside of the US). It is a legal requirement for a business to meet specific regulatory standards if they want to store particular types of data, such as payment details and medical information. For a typical business, keeping up with the latest relevant certifications can be time-consuming, but rest assured that at Wisetek this is our first priority.

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Data Destruction Service by Wisetek

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