Hard Drive Destruction.
in Austin

Wisetek keeps its businesses safe and compliant when it comes to their data disposal. We offer our certified Austin hard drive destruction services, around Walnut Creek, Tuscany Business Park, and surrounding counties. Benefit from quality hard drive destruction services from a globally trusted ITAD company.

To better serve our clients, our fleet of company-owned vehicles can perform data destruction on-site in Austin and across the great state of Texas. We also provide a wide range of other ITAD services to keep your organization safe, secure, and eco-friendly thanks to our circular economy model.

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    From Austin to across the United States, we have five offices ready to meet your ITAD needs.

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    Full Suite of

    For any type of media you need securely destroyed, Wisetek has a full suite of tools.

  • hard drive destruction austin

    Regulatory Compliance

    Texas has regulations regarding safe data disposal; Wisetek maintains full compliance to these laws.

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    Electronic Waste

    Contribute to a better environment with Wisetek and our commitment to a zero-landfill policy.


Destroy IT assets on-site and to the highest, military-grade standard

The US Government trusts Wisetek to destroy data gathered on their IT assets in their highly-classified nuclear power research facilities. The US Government has a number of nuclear research facilities throughout the United States which have large numbers of IT assets and ‘super’ computers. On a regular basis, they needed a company to come on-site in order to destroy IT assets and to ensure full data destruction.

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hard drive destruction austin

Our Services - Hard Drive Destruction in Austin

The Right Tools
for the Job

How your organization stores its data matters (e.g. solid-state hard drives, magnetic media) when it comes to its eventual disposal and destruction. That’s why Wisetek provides plenty of different services for hard drive destruction Austin, including:

  • Hard Drive Recycling
  • Hard Drive Shredding
  • Hard Drive Disintegration
  • Hard Drive Degaussing
hard drive destruction austin

We Come to You

No matter where you do business in the state of Texas or across the United States, Wisetek can provide you with quality service. We can carry out operations on your premises (on-site) or off-site, depending on the scale and scope of the project. Take advantage of our full suite of services wherever you do business.

hard drive destruction austin Texas

Types of Media Destruction

Data can be stored in many different formats. That’s why Wisetek is capable of handling far more than hard drives alone. Our services can increase value within your organization by securely disposing of the following types of media:

  • Solid State Drives
  • Optical Media (CDs/DVDs)
  • Circuit Boards
  • Flash Drives
  • PCMCIA Cards
  • SD Cards
  • SIM Cards
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Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Transparency and security are important in today’s ever-changing world, so rest assured that Wisetek is fully certified to carry out hard drive destruction in Austin with the following certifications:

  • E Stewards Certified
  • OHSAS 18001 Certified
  • DLIS Certified – Cage Code 48GP7
  • GSA Contracts #GS25F0019T & #GS10F0134V
  • R2 Certified
  • ISO 14001 Certified
  • NAID Member
hard drive destruction austin Texas

Secure and Confidential Destruction of Hard Drives

When it comes to data security and confidentiality, it isn’t worth taking risks. Our processes are fully transparent and we can provide your business with in-person or video verification as assurance that your data is securely destroyed. Furthermore, your IT assets can be tracked through AudIT.

hard drive destruction austin

Get Maximum Monetary
Value for Old Equipment

Old, redundant IT assets and equipment have some value to them. This is why it’s best to let Wisetek dispose of your equipment since we have the ability to tap into a global network of resellers and equipment brokers to help you obtain the maximum monetary return for old equipment.

hard drive destruction austin Texas

Why Choose Wisetek for Hard Drive Destruction in Austin?

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    Bespoke Solutions

    Every organization has different needs when it comes to IT asset disposition, so choose Wisetek for your hard drive destruction in Austin. We offer clients solutions tailored to their specific needs.

  • hard drive destruction austin Texas

    & International Service

    So many businesses are global, so don’t settle for an ITAD company that isn’t also global. Wisetek operates around the world in 18 international offices to better provide value worldwide.

  • hard drive destruction austin


    The benefit of a global leader in ITAD such as Wisetek is that your old equipment can be better disposed of. This is the benefit of our circular economy model.

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    Track Record
    of Success

    With over 10 years of industry experience and a solid track record of success, Wisetek has the expertise to handle your organization’s ITAD and hard drive destruction services Austin.

  • hard drive destruction austin Texas

    Full ITAD Services

    The destruction of hard drives is only a part of Wisetek’s full range of ITAD services. From audits to data centre decommissioning and for everything in between, contact Wisetek.

  • hard drive destruction austin


    Our global certification for data disposal allows us to comply with all national and international regulations for compliance. Wisetek operates through trust and transparency, so feel free to review our certifications.

The Importance of Hard Drive Destruction

Data Breaches are Expensive

Not only are data breaches costly affairs, costing as much as $8.19 million in the United States, but they’re also a common occurrence in Texas. Take precautions by hiring a reputable ITAD company to eliminate a major source of data breaches: improper disposal of IT assets.

hard drive destruction austin Texas

Reduce E-Waste

Although the Lone Star State has made leaps and strides to reduce e-waste, it remains at a point of global crisis. ITAD helps to reduce the strain that electronic waste creates by diverting it from landfills in the first place. Help the environment and reduce e-waste with reputable ITAD processes.

hard drive destruction austin

Protect Your Brand & IP

Data breaches are costly, as previously mentioned. Hidden costs are also involved, such as IP costs and damage to your brand. Deloitte puts the damage to a company’s IP at an incredible $3.2 billion. Proper IT asset disposition can reduce or eliminate the risk of this occurring in the first place.

hard drive destruction austin Texas

Hard Drive Destruction in Austin by Wisetek

Contact the experts at Wisetek to obtain quality Austin hard drive destruction services. We also provide a full suite of data destruction & ITAD services from 8606 Wall St, Austin, TX.

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