Data Destruction in Austin

  • 11M
    Disk drives erased, certified and destroyed
  • 17.2M
    Parts recorded and processed
  • $1.4B
    Components recovered for reuse

Data protection and data security are major areas of focus in recent years, with many large corporations having compromised sensitive data and negatively affecting their reputation in the public eye. For this reason, data destruction in Austin can help organisations stay safe, secure, and sustainable when it comes to the removal of IT assets.

To better serve our clients, we offer on-site and off-site data destruction services. Our on-site trucks can be found in and around Austin in Walnut Creek and Tuscany Business Park but also in the Financial and Civic Districts as well as in neighbouring cities of Texas.


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    Whether your business operates in Austin, outside of Texas, or around the world, Wisetek has locations to serve you.

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    Secure Data Destruction

    Your IT assets are securely destroyed with the assistance of customer database services such as DataDEAD.

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    Fully Certified Services

    Our services are certified for compliance with national and international regulations pertaining to data destruction.

  • data destruction austin

    Reduce E-Waste

    Reduce your impact on the environment by choosing an ITAD company that minimises e-waste.

Proud to work with the world’s Fortune 100 companies


Destroy IT assets on-site and to the highest, military-grade standard

The US Government trusts Wisetek to destroy data gathered on their IT assets in their highly-classified nuclear power research facilities. The US Government has a number of nuclear research facilities throughout the United States which have large numbers of IT assets and ‘super’ computers. On a regular basis, they needed a company to come on-site in order to destroy IT assets and to ensure full data destruction.

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data destruction austin texas

Our Services - Data Destruction in Austin

Nationwide NSA-Grade Hard Drive Degausser Services

Physical destruction of hard drives is a time-consuming task. In order to process large quantities of magnetic media quickly and efficiently, Wisetek offers NSA-grade hard drive degaussing. Our degaussers use strong electromagnetic fields that ensure that all data on the drive is completely erased.

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Onsite Hard Drive Shredder Platforms

To better serve our clients, we offer on-site vehicles that are fully equipped to handle data destruction in Austin and all over Texas. Our on-site vehicles can carry out the following tasks:

  • Destruction of magnetic media
  • Degaussing of hard drives
  • Two-state destruction process, including degaussing and bending/shredding
  • Solid state media destruction


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Solid State Media? No Problem

While most large organisations still employ mostly magnetic hard drives, more and more are adopting solid-state media for its myriad benefits. One downside, however, is that traditional degaussing won’t destroy solid-state media. That’s why Wisetek offers physical solid-state data destruction in Austin down to 6 or 2 mm.

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Global Data Destruction, Local Service

Whether you’re in the great state of Texas or anywhere else around the world, you can take advantage of Wisetek’s global presence and global supply chain with services such as VirtuRL. Optimise your logistics, streamline IT asset removal processes with our data destruction services in Austin and around the globe. 

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Fully Certified Destruction of Data

With data security being so critical for large organisations, it’s essential that your data destruction in Austin is done in a certified manner. Wisetek is proud to hold the following certifications:

  • E Stewards Certified
  • R2 Certified
  • ISO 14001 Certified
  • OHSAS 18001 Certified
  • DLIS Certified – Cage Code 48GP7
  • GSA Contracts #GS25F0019T & #GS10F0134V
  • NAID Member
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Secure Data Destruction Service

When it comes to security, a witness for yourself how our on-site vehicles perform data destruction in Austin. For additional peace of mind knowing that your data is securely destroyed, we offer video evidence and certificates of destruction. If data needs to be destroyed on our premises, we also offer secure transport (with audits and vetted logistics partners) to ensure safety every step of the way.

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Why Choose Wisetek for Data Destruction in Austin?

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    National Coverage

    Our Austin location is complemented by five other offices in the United States. Wherever your business is located, Wisetek has ideal data destruction solutions for you.

  • data destruction austin

    Full ITAD Solutions

    Data destruction is an important task, but Wisetek also provides a full suite of IT asset disposition solutions such as re-marketing, asset management, and online inventory tracking.

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    Create an Effective CSR Strategy

    Commit your business to a corporate social responsibility strategy that works. 20-50 million metric tonnes of e-waste ending up in landfills every year, which is why Wisetek has committed to a zero-landfill policy.

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    Your Trust is Our Goal

    Trust is important, which is why we offer full transparency of our processes including video verification for secure IT asset disposal and data destruction as well as online inventory tracking.

  • data destruction austin texas

    Be Wholly and Effortlessly Compliant

    Our global operations maintain compliance with national and international standards and regulations pertaining to data destruction. Stay compliant by choosing Wisetek.

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    Flexible Pricing to Suit Your Business

    Every business has different needs, so we offer flexibility to our clients to pay for the services they’ll actually use.

The Importance of Data Destruction

Prevention is Better than Reaction

Dealing with a major data breach isn’t only costly in terms of money, but you can also lose your reputation. Inadequate methods of data destruction are a major cause for data breaches; three-quarters of American and Canadian enterprises report stockpiling redundant IT assets, leaving them open to exploitation.

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Reduce Needless E-Waste

Data destruction is a major contributor to the e-waste crisis globally. E-waste may only make up 2 per cent of landfills in the USA, but it accounts for 70 per cent of toxic waste. This is why it’s important that data destruction in Austin is done in an environmentally-friendly manner so we can keep Austin clean (and weird!).

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Regulatory Compliance is Mandatory

A single data breach in the United States can cost $8.19 million. Compliance to national and international regulations such as GDPR is not an option, but rather a necessity. ITAD companies help your business maintain compliance securely and reliably.

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